Betrayal’s Third Eye Connection

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

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“It is the ego that drives us to place blame ‘out there’ in order to maintain its sense of security and illusion of supremacy. However betrayal can only be understood at the sixth chakra level. The sixth chakra is sometimes referred to as the ‘third eye’ and it too is associated with seeing, but what is seen from the sixth chakra is not what is seen from the third chakra. Jacques Lusseyran says says” [Vision] establishes a relationship with the surface of things. With the eyes we pass over furniture, trees, people. This moving along, this gliding, is sufficient for us. We call it cognition. And here, I believe, lies a great danger. The true nature of things is not revealed by their first appearance.’ “

From “Betrayal: Gift of the Gods” by Jocelyn Campbell on her website “The Serpentine Path” (See link under blogroll.)

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