Awakening from the Nightmare

The Nightmare

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Yesterday, I had my first good day since I discovered his betrayal. Writing about my guilt from the past (A Winter of Drunkenness and Cruelty) unleashed negative energies. I felt free, free from his lies and deceit, which were literally making me ill (my bronchitis.) For a long time now I’ve felt the dark vulture of foreboding perched on my chest, and now it has lifted.

Now comes anger. I would like to tell him that he is as full of lies as a wasps’ nest is full of wasps.

It was the first day in 23 days that I did not rehash the situation all day long. In fact, the trauma is fading, like the horror after waking up from a nightmare. It a nightmare in my waking life, and I have woken up now, and I will discover what comes after the trauma fades.

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