Drink a Pint of Dark Beer Fast

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Drink a pint of dark beer fast under the stars on a cold night. By fast, I mean fast. And the night must be cold and clear. Drink the pint as fast as you can and watch the stars. Feel the cold outside your body and wait for the explosion of warmth inside your body from the quickly drunken pint.

The warmth of the beer will spread slowly, radiating first from your heart and throat chakras. Watch the stars as the warmth spreads through your blood stream to your extremities in a slow tingling rush. The tingling is subtle; it is not intense.

If you are not paying attention, if you are talking to friends instead of watching the stars, you will miss it. It is a subtle shift of consciousness from sober to buzzed, and if you pay attention, you can feel it taking several minutes to spread completely through your body. You will feel it less in your legs and feet, but mostly in your upper torso. Then it will hit your brain, you will notice that God has turned the stars up a notch, and you will notice the tree branches swaying in time to the gentle intoxication sweeping through you.

The discovery of my lover’s infidelity spread through me in a similar, but much more intense way. First, I felt it in my heart. My heart has never been broken in an instant before, and in the first moment, when my brain read the written evidence of his betrayal, my heart resisted the truth for a second, however, the truth was incontrovertible. Immediately, an atom bomb exploded in my heart. I had been sitting down when I discovered the truth. I called a friend for help, and don’t remember stepping away from the desk but I was standing up, in the middle of the room, when she arrived. I could not speak. I stuttered and pointed at the computer screen.  That was shock, the explosion of my heart, and it lasted between two to three days.

For the next month, this pint of dark truth spread through my body slowly as I stared at the cold November stars, asking them why. Stars see all but they never replay. The ten minutes it takes for a pint of dark beer to hit your bloodstream translated to one month for the full acceptance of his betrayal to envelope my awareness, but it spread through my body in a similar pattern, emanating from my heart and throat chakras. Interesting coincidence? How much of what enters our beings begins in our hearts and throats?



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