Gifts From the Stars- 1

Deception Island at Deception Pass, Washington...

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Under the stars tonight, I came to a wonderful realization- that I don’t need him.

Suddenly, he came back into my life  with so much earnest passion, and I welcomed him into the center of my being with open arms. I’ve loved him completely with my heart-   my soul- my mind.

I’ve loved him devotedly every minute of every day  for nearly three years. I’d trusted him completely and he lied to me.

For the past eighteen months I’d been sleeping with him and believing that his love equaled my own. But I was wrong; he was false. To imagine that all the times I went to bed with him  believing that I was his one and only- that  he was  loving another woman, in the very same bed? Did he say the same things to her that he said to me? Did he think of me when he was with her, or vice versa?

What vile deception. It is astonishing  to be treated thus by the one person whom I adored and trusted beyond any in the world.

It’s clear from his actions that I was not the only woman in his heart. Obviously, he doesn’t need me. And that’s fine, because I sure don’t need him.



One thought on “Gifts From the Stars- 1

  1. Yeah, you totally don’t need him. Emily, remember you are a strong woman. You need people, but you don’t need someone with the issue he has, and the weaknesses he has. You are a person who likes to care for people, and you are good at it. But find someone more deserving. You are worth it.

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