Gifts from the Stars- 2

Watchers of the Stars

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While sitting under the stars tonight, I received their message that right now it is important for me to stay grounded. Also, that I need to focus on taking care of my children and animals.

I still cannot believe what has happened. Every day, I think, there must be some mistake. He could NOT have lied to me like that. Every day, I think that the worst thing which could happen to me, has happened. I still think there is some mistake, and I want to send it back. This is not in my story. It cannot be that he betrayed me and that I lost him.

The stars told me that I have a long cold drink of sadness to consume, that I loved more deeply than most do, and that it may take me years to completely swallow this bitter cold glass of despair.

I am mad that I loved him this much; that I trusted him with my heart so completely. I have never known before what it means to be broken hearted, but I feel that my heart was smashed with a heavy rock, so that it flattened and spattered.

The stars assured me that I was not alone; that millions of people are heartbroken right now. Mine is not a unique story. Mine is the norm. Relationships are risky. Things can go wrong. Hearts can be broken.I have no choice but to drink this bitter cup of sadness, but if it is to end between us with bitterness and betrayal, what can I do but learn to accept it?

“Yours is no disgrace.” Yes



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