Gifts from the Stars- Emotional Intelligence

Mailing Letters

Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

There was an email communication exchange between us this morning. He has truly shown his true colors. It was like I antagonized him until he came out from the rock he was hiding behind and he said some truly terrible, hurtful things. He is completely incapable of taking any responsibility that he has caused from the hurt by betraying our daughter, me, and our families. He has shown the emotional intelligence of a four year old.

Four times in the past month, not having heard from him since I confronted him via email of his betrayal and then cut off complete contact with him, I have dreamed that he has sent me a letter. But in the dreams, his letters are written in a child’s handwriting, in red crayon. And the tone of these childish letters are selfish, arrogant, and unrepenting. I thought that surely that couldn’t be the case, but what he has written to me yesterday and today confirms his shallowness. He is a very weak person. I am very glad to know this so clearly and so fully.

It is a giant step towards closure and moving on.



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