Lovers & Other Monsters

Dance of the Darkness Monsters (#1)

I fear, my love, you have swallowed something

wicked, twisting deeply to your liver like the

gaily colored ribbons round a maypole.

In your spleen it lurks, sending shoots of pure amnesia-

blazing out in ripe magenta something vile &

dark is crawling ’round your skull.


You didn’t scream, my love, you were a child

when you first felt it landing gently on

your forehead, you just rolled over in your

bed & closed your eyes. When it entered you,

sweet boy, did a shadow cross your dreaming?

Did a cold wind touch your face beneath your skies?


How I prayed for you at night with my knees

on splintered floor beams begging God to save

you for me, you came home with hollowed eyes

and empty heart. In those years I dreamed, dreamed

to reach down deep inside you, longed to grab

that serpentine and yank it out.


This was originally published in my chapbook, “This Dream of Being” in 2005 by Zinn Publishers, Vermont. It resonates with me in this situation, as my underlying intuition is that it is some type of chemical dependency/mental illness and not planned wickedness which caused he whom I called “the love of my life” to betray me.

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