So Nice to Breathe Again

Asthma Treatment

I’ve had one upper respiratory problem after another starting with seasonal allergies last September which turned into a nasty cold and then developed into bronchitis by October, for which I took antibiotics. By the time I last visited my former lover, in mid October, I could barely walk half a mile without coughing. The coughing disappeared completely on the morning I discovered his infidelity; the shock just shoved my upper respiratory system’s issues out the window.

By the end of November, I’d picked up another virus which turned into a sinus infection. A trip to my doctors in early December resulted in another round of antibiotics and a rescue inhaler as my doc heard wheezing in my lungs and diagnosed some bronchitis induced asthma. (Note that my Dr. does not prescribe antibiotics readily. I have known her for over ten years and she is always hesitant to prescribe medicine unless absolutely necessary.)

I kept coughing. All this coughing went hand in hand with the betrayal trauma. By the week after Christmas, while packing for the cruise, another round of antibiotics for a rebound of sinus infection. I was exhausted. Going up the stairs wiped me out. I cried myself to sleep at night, I puffed on albuterol three times a day, I took antibiotics, I made it to the ship in Baltimore, all three kids and luggage intact. It was a miracle.

On board, in the ocean air, all maladies dissolved. I’ve always been better at the ocean. When I was a child and suffered from numerous upper respiratory infections my mother used to take me regularly to the sea when I was sick to get me well again. By early January, on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, with my daughter drinking rum out of a coconut beside me, I was well. I rolled in the waves. I abandoned my body to the luscious warm water. I absorbed the day, to bring back with me to northern New England.

Cruise over, stepping off the Amtrak in Vermont, I immediately began coughing again. My doctor laughed. “Shall I write you a note? Six more weeks in the Bahamas?” She scheduled an asthma test in the hospital. I tested positive. So now this was no longer merely illness induced asthma, this was something more. This was January. I puffed albuterol, took 6,000 mgs of vitamin C, ate organic everything, drank gallons of water, wore amethyst and garnet and prayed. I continued to cough.

One more sinus infection, with more antibiotics, late February.

Finally, this month, my doctor put me on a steroid inhaler. I puffed steroids and albuterol and continued coughing. Another health care professional I have been seeing recommended Zyflamend by New Chapter. Zyflamend is an anti inflammatory herbal supplement.

Two days after taking it, I’ve stopped coughing. For the first time in months, I’ve stopped needing the albuterol inhaler.

It’s so nice to breathe again.



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