Our Trine Moons


Image by penguinbush via Flickr

All my life, nearly forty-four years, I have either been with him or alone. With him or alone. He is the only other soul who has ever been with me inside my mind. Or perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps he was always pretending to be in my mind. Perhaps I was only imagining it. That is it; I must be crazy, right? I’m just that crazy girl, imagining things.

No, I am not imagining it. In our natal charts, our moons are trine to each other. According to Cafe Astrology, this means:

“Ideal aspect for a couple, as they will have lots of interests and projects in common, and they will understand each other well. There is a mental rapport that sometimes borders on the telepathic.” (http://www.cafeastrology.com)

Alone, I read. I read and I read and I read. In the past month I have reread all of George Eliot. Now I am working on F. Scott Fitzgerald. I take notes. I highlight. So that I can discuss ideas with myself. I am so lonely. How could I find another mate? Who could take his place in my heart?

My housemate has company tonight. I am not fitting in. So I am off by myself, in my room. All my life, I have only ever fit in with him. I don’t belong here. This is not my life. What did I do to deserve his betrayal? I loved him with all my heart, for all these years. Just now, someone asked me my zip code and I told them the five digit code of our seaside town, one hundred miles away.



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