Betrayal is Universal

Judas Tree

Image by Vassilis Online via Flickr

Before betrayal happened to me, before I fell down its dark endless hole, I had never thought about what it meant to be betrayed. But I have learned that I am not the only betrayed person in the world; people are betrayed every minute.

Betrayal is universal. It is a component of the human experience.  On this planet, we experience birth, love, death, health, sickness, hope, enlightenment, betrayal and more. We trust people who are not worthy of our trust and then they betray us. It is as common as Spring following Winter. As long as selfish, irresponsible people live in the world, they will continue to betray others.

Being betrayed is a sickening experience. I never thought that my lover would stoop so low as to betray me with lies and deception the way he did. The horrific, sickening feeling of discovering betrayal is not one that I would recommend.

Avoid betrayal at all costs. Be very careful whom you trust. Be even more careful whom you date. If you are dating someone and you see warning signs indicating a lack of moral integrity, then break up! Don’t wait for the worst to happen. We have intuition for a reason. Use yours wisely. Does your significant other lie? Get out of the relationship.

The good news is that there are billions of wonderful people in the world who won’t betray you. Look for them and keep their company. You will notice them doing good deeds including volunteering for charity. You will notice how well they take care of their elderly parents. Watch their actions. Are they selfish, or do they put others’ feelings before their own? Are they loyal to their families or do they spend their time with the wrong crowd.

Beware the wrong crowd. It is full of betrayers and liars. It is full of the selfish and irresponsible who live for their pleasure in each moment. The wrong crowd is full of betrayers.

Learn from my lesson and save yourself pain; liars don’t stop lying. People who lie to others lie mostly to themselves. People who lie specializing in hiding things from you. They are skilled at it. If you are in doubt, then go to a professional therapist and ask about the liar’s behavior. Liars think nothing of hiding things from you.

Betrayal is a universal human experience but we must do what we can to protect ourselves from it. Betrayal is a dark, soul-extinguishing harm done by one human to another which is perilously difficult to recover from.

I have been working as hard as I can, with family, friends and a skilled therapist to recover from the person who betrayed me. Please, if you are reading this, take good care of yourself. Protect yourself from those whom you should not trust. Be smart and keep your eyes open. People who lie and betray are everywhere, pretending to be good decent people. It is easy to be tricked and hurt the way that I was.



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