Awesome Ocean Healing Energy!

Ogunquit Beach in c. 1910

Image via Wikipedia

The sun came out in Ogunquit this morning and we enjoyed a splendid beach day. We are staying at a glorious motel with a balcony directly overlooking the beach and I have bored my family members by repeating ad nauseam, “What a lovely location!”

I took a long walk with my son and then spent an idyllic morning drinking coffee, soaking up the sun, and waiting for my Dad and his good friend to arrive. The room and balcony are so ideal that many members of our party spent several hours just looking at the ocean from above. We ate sandwiches and drank sodas and played on the beach for hours.

I spent at least an hour playing ball with my son and then we ventured into the waves. I’d forgotten just how calming the ocean is for my mind; it always wipes my thoughts clear and leaves me feeling like a happy seven-year old.

Everyone else found the ocean cold but I thought it delightful and went in up to my waist, trying to teach my friend the trick of jumping when the wave arrives to avoid being sprayed with chilly Atlantic churling wave crests. “It’s easier to do when you’re six years old and weigh forty pounds,” I explained. We both laughed.

For dinner, we ate at the restaurant hanging over the beach, all colored with sun and joy. We teased my father for having smeared blue aloe vera into his ear. We disliked the ketchup, but devoured the food. My son bought me my dinner as a birthday present and insisted upon leaving a thirty-five percent tip.

How lovely, to be surrounded by people who love me and want to spend time with me, on an archetypal day of nautical perfection in Ogunquit. How perfect for such a day to fall on the last weekend of May. Everyone I have seen today has been suffused with contentment and gratitude. How lucky we are to be here today.

And I cannot help but reflect upon the therapeutic qualities of being at a beach and enjoying the ocean at a location which has no connection to my past.

“Now bring me that horizon.” – Captain Jack Sparrow



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