Quote: Attachment & Suffering

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“Attachment is the source of all suffering.” ~ The Buddha

As a spiritually minded person, I believe that there must be a lesson in this betrayal which I can use to further my personal growth.

I’ve been getting my toes wet in the water of non-attachment for years now. Finally, it’s starting to feel warmer and more attractive. I am in the process of actively cutting off my feelings of attachment for this person who has caused such great harm in my life. Why would I allow myself to grow so attached, not once, but twice in my lifetime to this person who does not have a spiritual practice and whose selfish, hedonistic pursuits have only caused me harm?

This attachment has been poisonous to me for twenty-five years.

I am drawn more and more to Buddhism & meditation. The more that I read about purifying my mind, the less room for regret and suffering.

I have suffered enough in this life due to the actions of this person. I have learned my lesson. I must incorporate this pain into the next phase of my life.



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