One Year Ago Today- Remembering the Traces of Deception

A Sidewalk Sale

Image by mmahaffie via Flickr

One year ago today, on the first Monday of August, I took the bus and train to visit my former lover. I was so excited to spend an entire week with him finishing up his website and helping him at the sidewalk sale to sell his photography.

It feels like this is the anniversary of where it all began to fall apart, because instead of being a wonderful week, it was disappointing in so many ways.

It just wasn’t a lot of fun. Of course, we had a lot of sex, as always but he was not very engaged in the website & sidewalk sale, which I couldn’t understand because after all, it was all about his artistic work. I had taken an entire week off of work, precious vacation days, and traveled all the way to his house, to spend the week working for him, for free.

& He was quite blase about the whole thing. There were other disappointing and concerning events that week that I won’t bother going into detail here. The point is that something was off, the way that milk starts to smell when it might be going bad but you’re not sure & my senses were pricked to this.

From here, I can retrace the steps of one year ago leading up to the day of discovery, October 26.

I believe I will plan a party, or at least go out to dinner. I deserve it. What a miserable time he put me through.

I am so glad to be free of him and all his lies.



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