Betrayal and My Immune System

I've been sick for a couple of weeks now. I we...

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What is the effect of betrayal or emotional trauma on your immune system?

Can emotional shock cause your immune system to falter? Can betrayal or emotional stress cause your immune system to fail, or for you to become sick?

Was the discovery of my lover’s betrayal the root cause  of my illness all last winter ?

What is the connection between emotional health and physical health? Can emotional stress compromise your immune system?

Can a broken heart damage your immune system? Can having a broken heart cause your immune system to fail or you to get sick?

What is the relationship between emotional trauma and health? Emotional trauma and the immune system?

What is the connection between stress and asthma? Can trauma and emotional stress cause asthma?

Early last fall, before my discovery of the betrayal, I was sick with seasonal allergies which had developed into a cold. By October, my cold had progressed to bronchitis. On October 26, the day I realized that my boyfriend had been sleeping with another woman, I went into emotional shock which lasted a few days and my bronchitis cleared up. With the first couple hours the realization that my life had completely changed in an instant, I simply stopped coughing.

I believe that I stopped coughing due to shock. However, I did not stay well for more than a few weeks.

By December 1, I was sick again with a sinus infection and started coughing again. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and between the medication and a trip to the Bahamas after Christmas, I became well. However, as soon as I returned back to the cold, I began coughing again, and the coughing continued until April. I began wheezing and had a difficult time breathing. My doctor sent me to the hospital to be tested for asthma with a machine. I tested slightly asthmatic and started on an albuterol and then a steroid inhaler.

By spring, I was really worried about myself. Due to being sick, I had not been able to exercise all winter. I was tired and out of shape. In order to work full time, I had to rest in bed or nap just about every hour I was not at work. I was physically exhausted from struggling to breathe. Despite the two inhalers, I was just not improving.

Finally, my therapist recommended Zyflammend, which is an anti inflammatory supplement by New Chapter Vitamins. Zyflammend contains,

Within three days of starting the Zyflammend in April, my asthmatic symptoms disappeared. I stopped using the inhalers and felt better. It was like magic. I recommend this product to anyone struggling with asthma or any other inflammatory based condition, such as arthritis.

I had two months of reprieve and then became ill during June as a consequence of seasonal allergies. This quickly turned into a sinus infection and I needed antibiotics. This wiped me out for an entire month. I was exhausted.

Thankfully, I found a great allergy specialist and had the ‘skin’ test done. I tested positive for allergies to dogs, cats, mold, house dust, dust mites, tree pollen, weed pollen. I’d guessed that I had seasonal allergies but was surprised at all the others. I live in a huge dusty old house, and it began to feel like I was allergic to my life.

I was not sick all fall; I credit this to the allergy shots.

However, on Thanksgiving, I came down with a severe bacterial infection, similar to strep. Six weeks later, I do not have my strength back. I am taking several high quality herbal vitamins and immune builders, sleeping between ten and twelve hours per day, seeing my therapist, allergist and an acupuncturist for fatigue and to stimulate my immune system.

I have never been sick like this for so long in my life. In 2011, I was sick for a total of six months.

In answer to the questions I posed earlier in this post, I believe the answer to all of them is yes. Yes, betrayal, emotional shock, emotional trauma and heartbreak can have a severe, debilitating effect on one’s health. I am doing all I can in the past year to heal myself both physically and emotionally.


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