Two Great Blogs on Healing from Narcissism/ASPD Relationships

coming out of the fog

coming out of the fog (Photo credit: theloushe)

I spent the first year of this blog writing about my emotional response to my lover’s betrayal. During that year, I also realized that in addition to being a drug addict & dealer, my ex also has Antisocial personality disorder, along with Narcissistic personality disorder.

I’d spent twenty-five years blaming his drug and alcohol addictions for his behavior problems, lack of empathy, criminality, lack of familial responsibility, lack of a life plan, inability to handle finances, etc. In reality, his addiction issues were secondary to his personality disorder, which he was most likely born with (ASPD) and then became worse through childhood abuse (developing into NPD).

Ninety percent of the resources which have helped me through the process of learning about personality disorders and how they affect relationships have been on the internet.

The only good thing about healing from a relationship with a person with Antisocial personality disorder is realizing that I’m not alone, and gaining strength through reading about the experiences of other women. (There is a significantly higher percentage of men to women who have ASPD and/or NPD, so most of the material I have found has been written by women.)

I admire the selflessness of these writers who have gone public with their stories in order to help and to warn others about how dangerous these individuals with personalities can be. These men (and women) can destroy your life. They are often charming and outgoing and can gain your trust easily. Once your trust is gained, they will take and destroy anything they can from you including  sex, your self-esteem, your peace of mind, your ability to trust others, years of your life and often, large amounts of money. These individuals are con artists and swindlers.

If you are suffering from a relationship with one of these individuals, then I urge you to visit some of these exceptional blogs for more information. (My blog only offers the tip of the iceberg of information about relationships with individuals with NPD and/or ASPD).

The Narcissist Continuum (

“This website is intended to be a safe place for discussing pathological behavior with a general audience.

The Narcissist Continuum, written by a woman who survived a decades long relationship with a male narcissist, is an excellent resource which covers the topic of narcissism from A-Z. It’s encyclopedic breadth covers topics ranging the personal to the scientific aspects of surviving a narcissistic relationship while also covering such pertinent topics as infidelity, morality, healing and parenting. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and check out the links to dozens of blogs on topics related to healing from a narcissist.

Psychopathyawareness (

“To help other victims of psychopaths, both male and female, I have started the website Psychopathyawareness. This website explains clearly, for the general public, what psychopaths are, why they act the way they do, how they attract us and whom they tend to target. Above all, I hope that psychopathyawareness will help victims find the strength to end their toxic relationships with psychopaths and move on, stronger and wiser, with the rest of their lives.” Claudia Moscovici

Psychopathy awareness, written by survivor, Claudia Moscovici, is the Bible for those recovering from relationships with a psychopath. (For those of you who are new to these terms, “Antisocial Personality Disorder’ has replaced the term ‘Psychopathy’ in the DSM-IV).

If you are in a relationship with someone with ASPD (a psychopath), or you are recovering from a relationship, then you must immediately go to this blog and spend a minimum of two hours reading the enormous volume of information which Ms. Mocovici has written.

If you aren’t sure but suspect that your lover may have ASPD,  you should visit Psychopathyawareness to find out more information. This site is full of scientific information about how the brains of psychopaths differ from ours. (They do!) If you think that your psychopathic lover can change because there is some good inside of him, then you need to visit this site.



9 thoughts on “Two Great Blogs on Healing from Narcissism/ASPD Relationships

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  4. Thank you so much, Ixchel! I appreciate your kind words!

    It’s so interesting to see how this experience has changed my life. When something as unexpected as ‘abandonment’ occurs, you think to yourself that life will never be good again.The sun will never shine and your heart will mourn for the rest of your life. You think the best you had to offer is over and gone. That the rat bazturd stole your best years and you’ll never get them back.

    In fact, he said exactly that. “Sorry to steal your best years and then leave when you’re old….”

    To which I replied, “Don’t kid yourself. You didn’t get my best years. You got my worst.”

    I think that was a turning point for me. I was bound and determined to make something positive out of this debacle. To find meaning and purpose in my ‘new life’ which has inspired me to keep writing and mostly—provide a community organization where people could help themselves. I manage a fairly small group compared to the mega-forums on the web today, but I honestly love this work.

    And I love your blog! I haven’t spent enough time here but intend to read more of your entries this weekend!


    • Thanks CZ,

      It was only through reading the experiences of others online that I was able to complete my healing. I admire your determination to make something positive from your pain, and you have done just that. Your blog is an encyclopedia of information on the subject, and I have referred personal friends as well to your site.


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