Is Antisocial Personality Disorder Genetic? Absolutely!

Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold (right)

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Suspect that your boyfriend has ASPD? (Antisocial personality disorder)

Healing from a relationship with a person with ASPD?

Wondering what caused this behavior?  Was it genetic?

Yes, absolutely. Strong scientific evidence has proven the link between genetic and brain differences and ASPD.

For the scientific minded, outcomes of research published in the article, Synaptosomal-associated protein 25 gene polymorphisms and antisocial personality disorder: association with temperament and psychopathy, demonstrate the connection: “The MnII T/T and DdeI T/T genotypes were more frequently present in male subjects with antisocial personality disorder (APD) than in sex-matched healthy control subjects. The association was stronger when the frequency of both DdeI and MnII T/T were taken into account. In the APD group, the genotype was not significantly associated with the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised scores, measuring the severity of psychopathy. However, the APD subjects with the MnII T/T genotype had higher novelty seeking scores; whereas, subjects with the DdeI T/T genotype had lower reward dependence scores. Again, the association between genotype and novelty seeking was stronger when both DdeI and MnII genotypes were taken into account. “ ( originally published June, 2011 Canadian Journal of Psychiatry– 56(6):341-7).

For more scientific proof, examine convicted criminals. The website, Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment in Psychiatry, states, “According to one family study of 223 male criminals, 80% were found to have a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). In comparison, 3% of male control subjects and 1% of female control subjects had ASPD. Increased rates of alcoholism and drug abuse were also found among the relatives in this study.” (

Can you believe it? 80% of male criminals have diagnoses of ASPD as compared to 3% of male non-criminals?

The diagnosis is real. It’s about novelty seeking behavior, reward dependance,and a lack of moral compass.

Check out this quote from the Beth Deacones Medical Center’s website: “According to criminology professor Larry Siegal from the University of Massachusetts, “If you chose ten kids at random, it would not be difficult to pick the ones who are at risk of becoming criminals. It is not magic. There are certain symptoms like short attention span, lack of impulse control, and poor home life that are likely predictors of criminal behavior.” (

How does this type of behavior manifest in real life situations?

In her article, “Destined as a Psychopath? Experts Seek Clues”, Jacqueline Stenson, MSN reporter, writes about psychopathic causes of the Columbine shootings, “One psychiatrist linking Harris with possible psychopathy is Dr. Frank Ochberg, a psychiatry professor at Michigan State University who was involved in an FBI school-shooting symposium held shortly after Columbine and who also made trips to Littleton, Colo., for more than a year after the incident “to help Columbine heal,” he says. Ochberg believes that the two killers, Harris and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold, were a “deadly duo” who probably wouldn’t have done what they did without the other. Whereas Klebold was depressive and hot-headed, Ochberg says, Harris was “cool, cold and calculating,” glib, showed little reaction to discipline and was easily able “to read people” and ingratiate himself to others.

“I do believe Harris was well on his way to being what we would call a psychopath,” he says. “He showed very little conscience.” (

If this isn’t enough evidence for you, just google “Psychopath/Antisocial personality disorder brain genetics.” You’ll generate enough reading material for days.

So, no, you can’t change him. He won’t change because you love him. He was born the way he is and any good you see inside him is not salvageable. Don’t delude yourself. Recognize what he is and get away from the psychopath, as fast as you can.



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