Toxic Men and Toxic Relationships

This is a really cool blog I came across, “Just Say No to Toxic Relationships.” Really awesome post…

Just say NO to Toxic Relationships

(NOTE: The following are excerpts and notes from Tigress Luv’s new book, Toxic Love)

Do you ever feel like you are losing control; imagining things; having severe mental distortions of reality; or are completely, totally out of your mind? Do you often swing from elated feelings of happiness to severe feelings of deep depression? Are you sometimes struggling to smile? Do you think about your partner and your relationship all the time? Do you rehash moments with him and try to figure out what really happened, and if your perceptions of the situation were real or just in your mind? If you answered yes to these questions then you are with a toxic man.

Toxic Men slowly suck our happiness and our loving, nurturing spirit out of us. We become confused, insecure, depressed zombies…yet our Toxic Men walk around as if nothing has happened, and not seeming to notice our…

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5 thoughts on “Toxic Men and Toxic Relationships

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  2. I feel like you have described my toxic man and I perfectly. Where do I buy this book? Can’t seem to locate it

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