Sociopaths and Psychopaths: Can They Be Cured?

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Robert- everything I’ve learned about Sociopaths has said they are born that way and it’s incurable. Maybe they can reel it in, but they are not cartoons- their hearts will not grow after stealing Christmas. I think it’s kinda dangerous to tell these people in here who have been so damaged that their “loved” one can be cured. I’m really not trying to be argumentative or pompous, I’ve just always heard differently.

ED, there are different types.

Sociopath: Often created by environment. It is possible to cure them to some degree or another.

Psychopath: Created by biology, genes, or in other words, they are born that way. Apparently not curable at all, though there is some new research on that. It’s been well known for some time that many psychopaths “burn out” in the mid-40’s and onward and commit much fewer crimes after that. Beyond the mid-40’s, many psychopaths are…

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