It Gets Better

Ixchel - the Mayan Goddess of rainbows, water,...

Ixchel - the Mayan Goddess of rainbows, water, fertility, abundance, the moon, love, and medicine (Photo credit: The Shifted Librarian)

Hang in there, broken-hearted victims of relationships with Cluster B types. Have you been dumped by a narcissist? Devalued by a lover with Anti Social Personality Disorder?

Hang in there because it gets better.

It takes a long time. And you’ll need support from family, friends and/or a trained therapist to get through the pain. You’ll need to allow yourself to grieve and not rush the process. You’ll benefit from reading blogs, books and articles written by others who have survived similar experiences.

Finally, one day in the future, maybe in one year, or maybe in two or three, you will have a day where you don’t think about him or what happened during every waking minute.

One day, instead of missing the ‘good’ side of him, all you will be able to remember is his bad side and wonder why you ever stayed so long.

You will not invalidate your feelings for him but you will accept that even if he is the true love of your life, that he is too damaged to be the honest and faithful lover that you need him to be, and that he will never change.

And eventually, after much time and heartache and grieving and healing, you will be able to absorb the lessons which you have learned from this painful experience and move on.



4 thoughts on “It Gets Better

  1. thank you for this! I keep telling myself these exact words. Things HAVE gotten better, but I am still experiencing…well…you know… though it isn’t as often nor as devastating. During those days, I consciously remind myself to breathe in…breathe out. Move my feet, yadda yadda yadda. It gets tiresome, sometimes, to talk myself through each day. But, AMEN to things getting better!! Looking forward to complete wholeness again.

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