Phoenix Rising Receives Narcissist Slayer Award

narcissist-slayer-award1It is with great pleasure that I accept the Narcissist Slayer Blog Award.

Thank you to Kim Saeed of “Let Me Reach” for the nomination.

One positive thing which I took away from my relationship with a narcissist is that I have stopped being naive when it comes to trusting other people. I no longer assume that everyone is nice or that they will not do me harm. I am able to see humanity as a mixed bag of individuals. Some are wonderful and some are terrible and that’s unfortunately just the way it is. 

I hereby nominate the following bloggers for the Narcissist Slayer Blog Award:

The Narcissistic Continuum 

Zombies du Jour 

Life Begins 45- My journey of healing from psychological abuse  

Joyful Alive Woman 

Sorceress of the Dark

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Put the award’s logo on your blog.

3. Write a blog post and share the blog(s) you have chosen- there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required.

4.  Inform your nominees on their site.

5.  Share one positive thing that you took away from your relationship with a Narcissist.

5 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising Receives Narcissist Slayer Award

  1. Well thank you so kindly! Being a “slayer” means a lot of things—slaying the narcissist “out there” and the budding narcissist within. ha!

    I am honored and graciously accept this award as Narcissist Slayer because I have darn well earned the title! I’m gonna smile all the way to my bed—where I sleep alone BECAUSE I am a Narcissist Slayer Extraordinaire!

    So thank you—it means a great deal that you thought of me.

    I’m gonna have a hard time limiting my recommended blog list because there’s so many excellent sites on the web today! I will put the award on my blog tomorrow morning and hopefully keep my acceptance speech to 10,000 words or less. hahaha (anybody who reads me knows editing is not my forte!!)

    The Narcissistic Continuum blog

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